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Adobe Animate CC: 如何做一個劃直線動畫

用 Adobe Animate CC 做劃直線這類動畫,主要都是採用 Masking (即係: 遮色片) 這方法。 所謂 Masking, 概念十分簡單,其實就是將舞台上唔想見到的地方預先遮蓋住。 很久以前都曾經用 Adobe Flash 做了幾個劃直線嘅動畫影片, 都是利用 Masking 這方法。影片內都介紹得好詳細, 有興趣的話,可以去看看。 我將影片放下面,方便大家參考。 其實, 如果用 Adobe Animate CC 做, 方法和步驟 基本都 同 Adobe Flash 差不多的。 ***** 第一步: 首先在舞台上劃一條 4 pixels 闊嘅藍色直線。這便是稍後用來做 動畫嘅直線。… Continue Reading →

Filmora Tip: How to save Snapshot Image

Today I am talking about Filmora,  a powerful video maker,  video editor as well as a screen recorder.  When I used the Filmora snapshot feature to capture a frame of my video for the first time, I had no idea… Continue Reading →

Adobe Animate CC Exported Video Without Sound

主題: 如何解決 Adobe Animate CC 匯出視訊沒有聲音這問題 今日講下 Adobe Animate CC 其中一個潛在的問題,就係 Export 出來的 Video 動畫,發覺竟然沒有聲音。要解決這個問題其實都不難。 Okay!  Let’s go! 這個是我在 Animate CC 已經做好的檔案。 首先 Preview 下效果。Okay!  都幾滿意!接著當然 Export 出去 Video 檔案啦! 然後用 VLC 這個萬能影音軟件開啟剛剛 Export 出來的 Video 檔案, 看看是否可以正常播放。 動畫的畫面就正常。 但是…. 為甚麼沒有聲音的?… Continue Reading →

jQuery Lava Lamp Horizontal Menu

The first step of this jQuery Lava Lamp Tutorial is to make a CSS Horizontal Navigation Menu. In this jQuery tutorial, we use DreamWeaver Webpage Editor to compose the Horizontal Menu. Actually any webpage editors or even a notepad can… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animate HTML Div Layer in Four Direction

jQuery can animate div layer easily thus allow create interesting web page effect. In this jQuery animate div layer tutorial series, we will animate the div layer in four direction, i.e. down, up, right and left direction. jQuery Animate Div… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animate Margin of Div Layers

In previous jQuery sliding tutorials, we learned how to slide the div layer to create some interesting animation effects. Actually the margin of div layer can also be animated. jQuery Animate Top Margin of Div Layer In this jQuery tutorial,… Continue Reading →

jQuery Sliding Div Layer Tutorial

This is rather easy to animate HTML Div layer with jQuery. The effects are very interesting. jQuery Slide Div Up and Dowm from Bottom Side jQuery Demo A demo of this jQuery tutorial is available. (Pop up window) jQuery Tutorial… Continue Reading →

jQuery outerWidth Method Tutorial

When creating web pages effect with jQuery, we sometimes need to get the outer width dimension of selected element. This jQuery tutorial shows how to use the outerWidth() method to get the outer width dimension of selected element. jQuery Demo… Continue Reading →

jQuery Element Class Beginner Tutorial

This jQuery beginning tutorial shows how to declare variable. It also shows how to write simple jQuery codes to get the dimension of an image on a web page. Finally, this jQuery beginner tutorial shows how to hide elements on… Continue Reading →

jQuery Textarea HTML Text Tutorial

This tutorial help newbies in getting started with jQuery. It shows how easy to use jQuery codes to select web page elements and work on them. In brief, the process of jQuery codes can be illustrated in the diagrams below…. Continue Reading →

jQuery Animation and Effect Tutorials

Most animation on the Internet are made with Flash. However this is also very easy to do animation and effect with jQuery. With just a very simple line of code, interesting animation and effect can be achieved with jQuery. Goal… Continue Reading →

jQuery Replace Image Tutorial

We already learned some basic knowledge of jQuery codes in previous tutorials. It is time to play something interesting with jQuery codes. In this tutorial, the image will be replaced or changed to another image when click on it. Set… Continue Reading →

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