SEOquake – An All-in-one SEO Extension of Chrome Browser

Yesterday I installed the NoFollow Simple extension of Chrome browser. The extension can show whether the links of webpages are doFollow or noFollow.  As a website administrator, I sometimes need to do some Search Engine Optimization in order that my websites will get indexed and ranked better in some popular search engines. In addition to know whether the links on blogs are doFollow or noFollow, I also need to know the Pagerank, Alexa ranking, etc… of the webpages I am browsing. Today, I am going to introduce an All-in-one SEO Extension of Chrome Browser that will shows almost all SEO information, for example, noFollow, PageRank, Alexa Ranking, link popularity, etc., of webpages. The name of extension is SEOquake.

1. Search SEOquake extension in Chrome Web Store.

2. Install SEOquake extension by clicking on the “ADD TO CHROME” button. The installation procedures are same as the NoFollow Simple extension as shown in previous post.

3. Done!

Now, do a search on Google, the pagerank, Alexa Ranking and a lot of information of the listing will be shown.

The information of each page will also be shown during the browsing. This is the most important information to study how internal links affect the pagerank of each page.

The noFollow links are strike out (not as good as the NoFollow Simple Chrome Extension) as shown in the diagram below:

The SEOquake is a very powerful tool for Search Engine Optimization.

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