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For many people, Facebook is part of their daily life.  They log in their Facebook accounts and busy posting news from early morning to mid-night. They post almost everything to the Facebook, from the first minute of waking up to the last minute of going to bed. Therefore this is no doubt that Facebook platform is really a good place to keep in touch with fans and customers, especially if you are running a business.

One of the features that business can connect with fans and customers with Facebook platform is Facebook Pages. Today, I am going to discuss how to create a Facebook Pages.

This is rather easy and simple to create a Facebook Pages. The only thing you need is a Facebook personal account in order to create a new Facebook Page.


Let’s take a look at the layout of the Facebook Page again. Prepare two images before setting up a Facebook Page.

  • The first image is called Profile Picture. This is the small picture that represent the identity of your Facebook Page. The best size of Profile picture should be 180×180 pixels.
  • The second image is the Cover Photo which is the large picture at the Header. The best size should be 851 x 315 pixels.

This is shown in the diagram below:

Okay! Let’s go back to my Facebook account and start setting up a Facebook Page

Step 1: Create a Facebook Personal Account

You should have a Facebook Personal Account already. Create one if you still do not have.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Page Link

Log in your Facebook account and scroll down to the bottom of the web page. You can find the “Create a Page” link at the footer easily. To start creating a Facebook Pages, click on the “Create a Page” link.

Step 3: Choose a Category for Business

This will bring to the Create a Page windows. Choose a suitable category that match with your business or service. Don’t worry too much with that at this stage, you can change it later.

Step 4: Enter Category Information

Let’s choose Brand or product. Then select a category and enter required information as shown in the diagram below. Don’t worry again, you can change the information later.

Step 5: Upload the Profile Picture

The next screen appear as shown in the diagram below. You can upload the Profile Picture on this screen. However it seems to have a bug in the uploading program. The uploading is always in progress and never stop.

Simply click the skip button to skip  steps. You can upload the Profile Picture later easily.

Step 6: About Your Facebook Page

Enter something about your Facebook Page.

Step 7: Start Your Facebook Page

The following screens will ask you to Like your Facebook Page yourself, Invite Friends, Post the First News.

Step 8: Upload Cover Photo

You can upload the Cover Photo and Profile Photo at the Admin Panel. Click on the Add a Cover button to upload the Cover Photo from the local computer that prepared before.

Step 9: Save the Cover Photo

Remember to click on the Save Changes button to save the Cover Photo.

Step 10: Upload the Profile Picture

Hove the mouse over the Profile Picture. Upload the Profile Picture from the local computer that prepared before.

Step 11: Finished

The Facebook Page has been created.

The new Facebook Page will appear on the left sidebar if you navigate to your Facebook personal account. You can navigate to the Facebook Pages easily by clicking on the link on the left sidebar.

Once in the Facebook Pages, you can always edit the information by clicking on the Edit Page button on the top right side.

Edit the Facebook Page information, for example, Update Info, Permissions,  if required.

What Is the URL of My Facebook Page?

The URL of your Facebook Page can be obtained by right clicking on the “View Page” button on the right top corner of editing page screen, and then select Copy Link Location from the drop down menu.

You can get a short URL of Facebook Page after getting some Likes for example:

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