Facebook Pages

With almost 800 million active users, Facebook is an attractive platform to promote your business or any ideas. Since most people are logging in their Facebook accounts everyday, and all of the time, this is definitely the best place to meet with your friends and customers.

Facebook Pages are for businesses, organizations, brands and personal interest to share their stories and connect with people or fans. In fact many brands, organization, celebrities, etc. use Facebook Pages as their “social home” on the web to meet with their customers and fans.

If you have no any idea what is a Facebook Page. Let’s see one of the Facebook Page that I made before:


As you can see, Facebook Pages are similar to a normal Facebook account, except that you can customize the appearance, you can upload or customize the header photo,  posting stories, events and more… The most interesting feature of a Facebook Page is that you can build an app adding to the tab of a Facebook Page.  This can extend the contents of your Facebook Page.

The other main difference between Facebook personal account and Facebook Pages is the way connecting with audiences. Facebook personal accounts connect friends while Facebook Pages are used to connect “Fans”.  There are Likes button on all Facebook Pages. When somebody click on the Likes button (i.e. likes your pages), he or she becomes a fan of your Facebook Pages.

When people becomes fans of your Facebook Pages, they will receive your updating news in their News Feed, as shown in the two diagrams below:

When fans post comments on your Facebook Pages,  it will in turn published to the News Feed of their friends! Therefore this is the power of Facebook Pages that fans help to promote your business for free by words-of-keyboard.

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