Made a New Facebook Page Tab App

I made a new Facebook Page Tab App for my another domain and web hosting website last month. This Facebook Page aims to provide one more communication channel for the visitors and our members. Moreover the Facebook Tab also allows members to manage their domain and hosting accounts inside the Tab while logging in Facebook.

Let’s see how the new Facebook Page Tab looks and works.

The address of the Facebook Page is:

The design of the new Facebook Page is:

Here’s the design of the Facebook Page Tab:

The Facebook Page Tab has some pages. Visitors and members can navigate between the pages, for example, the Domain Name page:

One of the important feature of this Facebook Page Tab is that our existing members can log in their member accounts with their Facebook username and password.

Members can check their signed up services.

Members can also renew their services while logging in with their Facebook account.

Therefore this Facebook Page Tab App provide a convenient way for all members to manage their accounts while logging in Facebook, and without leaving their Facebook account.

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