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PHP Session Basic Concept

PHP session is very useful in web page design when using in a system like member area that require users to log in with their username and password.

What PHP Session Can Do?

Session variables can be used to save information, for example username and password, of a logged in user. The wonderful thing with session variables are that they are available to all web pages in the system.

Session variables that save in the hosting server is temporary and will be cleared when a user has log out or left the website.

In the old days before the introduction of session variables, we can only use the GET METHOD to pass the variables in the URL string, or using the POST METHOD with the <input type="hidden" name="username" value="$username"> to pass the variable to other pages.

In summary, PHP session variables can be used to pass variables between pages in a single system, for example, member area.

In this PHP session basic concept tutorial, we will use a simple member area to illustrate how PHP session works.

View PHP Session Basic Concept Tutorial.

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