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How to Move Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Many bloggers start blogging with some free blog platform on the Internet. Blogger is the most popular free blogging platform on the Internet. By blogging on Blogger, you are writting contents for Google. Of course, Google is very happy with that millions of bloggers help them to write contents for free.

After blogging for a long time, most bloggers do feel that they should set up a blog website that belong to themselves. Actually the cost of web hosting is very cheap nowadays. In fact you can easily cover the cost of setting up and maintain a self-hosted blog website by putting on some advertisements.

Once your new self-hosted WordPress has been set up, and everything is ready. You are very excited. Because you are going to say goodbye to Blogger, a platform that you used for a long time, yet a new WordPress blog is now going to open.

The first thing you have to do now is to import all posts from Blogger. This can easily be done by installing the Blogger Importer plugin.

WordPress Plugin Blogger Importer

The Blogger Importer has been installed. Please check our other WordPress tutorials if you don't know how to install WordPress plugin.

Import Blogger Posts

To import the Blogger posts, simply select the Import sub-menu under Tools menu, and then select Blogger, as shown in the diagram below:

Import blogger posts to WordPress

Now, select the Blogger that you need to import to your WordPress website. Then click on the Import button and all the posts will be imported to your WordPress website in just a few seconds.

Import posts from blogger to wordpress

Now, all posts have been moved from Blogger to your WordPress website. You are now writting contents for yourself, not for Google. There is really no any reason to write contents for Google or other platform just for the sake of saving a few dollars a year.