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Study WordPress Main Themes File

It is time to study some of the theme files of WordPress. In order to customize the theme of WordPress, this is necessary to have some basic idea of the file structure.

The first WordPress theme file to study is surely the index.php, the main theme file. This file is very simple. It simply calls the Header file, Sidebar file, Footer bar, and run the loop to output the posts for the Main Content.

Wordpress Main Theme File (index.html)

Let’s play around with the WordPress Main Content Section by replacing the loop that used to output the posts with "Main Contents Display Here!". The index.php file now looks like:

Wordpress theme index.html

Look! The Main Contents Section now is displaying "Main Contents Display Here!" as shown in the diagram below:

Wordpress theme index.html

Now you should have some basic idea the file structure of the main theme file (index.php) file of WordPress.