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Study WordPress Themes File Structure

We already found and located the WordPress themes folders. The files of our current themes (Twenty Ten) that we are using is saved in the following folder:


Let’s open the /twentyten/ directory and take a preliminary study at the WordPress file structures of the theme files. This is shown in the diagram below:

WordPress Themes files

As expected, the file names of WordPress theme are very familiar as they are almost the same as other portal websites, for example, osCommerce. Obviously the index.php should be the main template file that used to compose the template, the header.php should be used to compose the Header Section, the sidebar.php should be used to compose the Left or Right Column Section, and the footer.php should be used to compose the Footer Section, etc.

Hence our preliminary assumption is that WordPress is mainly composed of four section, namely:

  • Header Section
  • Main Content Section, or Blog Posts Section
  • Sidebar Section
  • Footer

This can be illustrated in the diagram below:

WordPress Theme Structure

Let's start customizing the theme of WordPress after studying some of the files.