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使用 Paint3D 免費軟伴件從圖片中摘取及移動主體


所謂主體,可以是圖片上的人物或任何物件,摘取的方法都是一樣的 。 很多人都稱這圖片編輯技巧為「去除背景」,但其實用摘取主體更為貼切。

Paint 3D 這個免費軟件,可以輕易的將圖片中的主體摘取,準確度都很高。

How to Set Up Custom Domain for Blogger

Most people would like to use their own domain (e.g. for the URL of their Blogger website (i.e. You can now get very cheap and affordable domains from some hosting. Let’s set up your custom domain step by… Continue Reading →

Add a Horizontal Navigation Menu under the Header

This tutorial shows how to create a Horizontal Navigation Menu for your Blogger website. The horizontal menu is shown as below: Step 1: Go to Layout >> Edit HTML window Copy the following codes before the “</b:skin>” code or “]]></b:skin>“…. Continue Reading →

Change Width of Blogger Minima Template Layout

The width of the original Blogger Minima Template is 660 pixels. This is a browser safe dimension until the year of 2009 when over 85% of monitors are using the resolution of 1024 x 768 and over. Therefore there is… Continue Reading →

Customize Blogger Blog Posts Section and Sidebar Section

The Blogger Main Contents sections (Blog Posts and Sidebar) of Minima Template are simple, clean and easy to customize. Actually the template layout is so well designed, there is no need to customize so much on the Main Content sections…. Continue Reading →

Further Study of Blogger Minima Template Layout

We already study and customize the Blogger Header and body section. It’s time to study further about the Blogger layout. If you wish to customize the Blogger Minima template extensively, this is better to know more about the overall template… Continue Reading →

How to Add Background Color or Image to Blogger Body

This tutorial discuss how to further customize the Template layout of Blogger, including the background color, blog post section, sidebar, navigation menu, etc… If you don’t like the default Blogger white background body, you can add a background color or… Continue Reading →

How to add background image to Blogger Header

In previous Blogger tutorials, we learnt how to customize the Header. However most people prefer a more attractive Header banner or logo at the top. The best method is add a background image to the Header. Let’s see how to… Continue Reading →

How to customize Blogger Header

For most blogger, the only theme they consider to customize is the Header. Therefore it pays to spend some time to study the HTML codes (CSS codes actually) of the Blogger Header. Once you are familar with the HTML codes… Continue Reading →

Blogger Minima Template Layout Overview

The Tic Tac Blogger template we created in the first tutorial is not very good for customization. The most easiest Blogger template for customization is the super simple and clean Minima template. Template Minima is the most basic and simple… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Blogger

A blog is actually a website which can have a variety of subjects. The most popular blogs are those that serve as personal diaries. Unlike a personal diary, a blog is open to everyone to read and can even provide… Continue Reading →

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