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Ping Domain Showing Old IP Address

Yesterday a member complaint that he could not used a FTP client to log in his account for a few day. He tried to do a ping to his domain but returned the old IP address that used a few… Continue Reading →

SEOquake – An All-in-one SEO Extension of Chrome Browser

Yesterday I installed the NoFollow Simple extension of Chrome browser. The extension can show whether the links of webpages are doFollow or noFollow.  As a website administrator, I sometimes need to do some Search Engine Optimization in order that my… Continue Reading →

Showing Dofollow or Nofollow Links in Webpages of Chrome Browser

I sometimes looking for blogs that allow doFollow links in the comments field.Why looking for doFollow links? This is because this can increase the backlinks of my web pages, and thus increase the PR weighting of web pages. This is… Continue Reading →

Waiting GIF Animation Progress Bar

Sometimes you may require visitors  to wait for a while, for example, loading a flash animation, loading an external pages, etc… before something show up .During the waiting, this is better to show the progress to the visitors, otherwise they… Continue Reading →

網上免費編輯圖片網站 – AnyMaking

我很多時都需要為圖片做一些簡單的編輯, 例如加上邊框 (Border)、加上暗影 (Shade), 加上圓角(Round Corner), 加上倒影 (Reflection)等等。 如果只是為了這些簡單的圖片編輯而安裝或開啟軟件, 未免過於勞師動眾。今天就為大家介紹一個我經常使用的免費編輯圖片網站 –

Camtasia Studio Recording Problem: Cursor Jogging Around

My computer was down a few months ago.  I have to use my 13 years old computer again for my daily work. I have been trying to use Camtasia Studio to prepare some video tutorials. However  the cursor was dancing… Continue Reading →

解決 Camtasia Studio 錄像時滑鼠游標不停跳動

最近因為使用多年的電腦壞了, 唯有暫時轉用另一部電腦。但在使用 Camtasia Studio 製作一些視頻教材發現一個問題, 就是在錄像時滑鼠游標不停跳動及閃爍, 使到無法製作視頻教材。 嘗試了很多方法後, 問題最終都可以解決了, 在這裡和大家分享。 1. 開始使用 Camtasia Studio 錄像。 2.不要馬上錄像, 要首先做一個簡單設定。 選擇 Tools – Options, 如下圖所示: 3. Tools 視窗彈出。只要將 Captured layered windows 的設定刪除, 問題便可以解決了。 4. 記得要按 OK 按鈕。 這樣, Camtasia Studio 錄像時滑鼠游標不停跳動及閃爍的問題便可以解決了。

不能用 localhost 及 接駁 XAMPP Apache Server

昨天發覺所有需要用特別的 Port (例如: 4643, 2086等等) 來登錄的網站都不能連接, 相信又是我使用的上網服務的問題。打電話給這上網服務公司的技術支援, 又是認為你老人家不懂用電腦, 不懂上網之類的答案。 電腦桌面有沒有一粒藍色的圖案 (IE)? 知道如何輸入網址嗎? 記得要按鍵盤上的 「輸入」鍵才可連接互聯網…… 其實技術支援的職員都認為所有打電話來的顧客都因為不懂上網。追問技術支援多次之下, 他們可能知道我原來有一點點上網經驗, 可能都有幾小時的上網經驗, 發覺「可能」真是他們的問題, 便給了我一個 Proxy Server 的資料, 叫我試試可否連接登錄的網站。 我馬在已經開啟的 IE 瀏覽器設定 Proxy Server 的資料: 接著馬上前往需要用特別的 Ports 來登錄的網站, 終於可以連接網站和成功登錄網站。 但用了Proxy Server 後, 又發覺帶了另一個問題, 就是 Firefox 瀏覽器不能用 localhost 及… Continue Reading →

Best Dimension for Video Upload

As you should noticed that your upload videos will be stretched to fit the player in video sharing sites. You may also have the experience that the quality of upload videos were getting very poor. The reason may be the… Continue Reading →

Top Free Video Sharing Websites

Free video sharing websites are the best place to marketing your products on the Internet nowadays. You should always came across many videos with very simple contents getting millions of hits. The most important is that hundreds or thousands of… Continue Reading →

Free Video Sharing Websites

There are now many free video sharing sites that allow you to upload, share and marketing your own videos. With the high speed of Internet today, sharing videos on line with friends and strangers is easy and possible. In fact… Continue Reading →

ICMP(Part 3) – How ICMP Messages Are Sent

As we learned before that ICMP was designed as a way to send error and diagnostic messages in an IP inter-network. ICMP messages are identified by “type” numbers. Each ICMP message also has a “code” number, which specifies a particular… Continue Reading →

ICMP (Part 2) – Concept Consolidation

Now let’s consolidate the concept of ICMP from what we discussed before. When a gateway on the Internet cannot pass the data packet to the next gateway, it will send a ICMP reply message (according to the error status) back… Continue Reading →

ICMP (Part 1) – Basic Concept and Introduction

ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol. When IP packets send from a computer to a destination computer on the Internet, it needs to travel via a number of gateways. Each gateway on the Internet will send the packets to… Continue Reading →

UDP (Part 5) – How UDP Works

Now we have some basic concept of both IP Address and Port number, let’s discuss the UDP in a simple approach. What is UDP? When a computer send out a data packet to the destination computer, it will issue a… Continue Reading →

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