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Using HTML ul and li Tags

The HTML ul and li tags have been using for ages. The ul and li should be one the most commonly used tags in webpage design. However some webmasters are sometimes quite confuse with the usage. Let’s review the basic… Continue Reading →

CSS Background Image Position (2)

I discussed how to use CSS to display icons by adjusting the x and y position in one of my post – Fun with CSS Background Position. In this post, I use the width and height in pixels to adjust… Continue Reading →

HTML Submit Form with Your Own Images

I know this is very simple and easy to make a HTML Submit Form. However I noticed that this question has always been asking in many discussion forums that “I don’t want to use the default submit button. How can… Continue Reading →

A Useful Online Web Button Maker (DaButtonFactory)

In the past I used to create web buttons with some photo software. With the faster speed of the Internet connectivity, creating buttons for web pages online is possible, easy and very convenience. Today I am going to show you… Continue Reading →

Sample Websites for CSS Horizontal and Vertical Menu

I prepared the CSS Horizontal Menu and CSS Vertical Menu video tutorials last year. I always think that this is rather easy to insert the CSS menu on any websites. However I have been receiving a lot of emails asking… Continue Reading →

HTML Table Row CSS Hove Over Effect

This is a very simple HTML table with hove over effect but always ask again and again. The color of table rows will be changed when mouse hove over them. This effect can easily be achieved with CSS. The following… Continue Reading →

Fun with CSS Background Image Position

In the old days of designing webpages, we usually use an individual image file for a logo and an icon. With the use of CSS, a single image file can be shared with many icons. I know you don’t understand… Continue Reading →

Fun With Opacity of Div Layer

Sometimes we don’t want visitors clicking on some links while the contents are loading up, for example, loading contents from database.  Under this circumstances, a good solution is using a Div layer to cover the contents while the contents are… Continue Reading →

Click Link to Load External Webpage into a Div Layer

In previous blog, the external webpage loaded into Div layer when website load up. In this blog, I will show how to load an external web page into the Div layer when clicking on a link. This example is very… Continue Reading →

Load External Webpage into a Div Layer

This is rather easy to use plain HTML to load external webpage or website into a Div layer. The result is shown in the diagram below: Click here to view the example. The HTML codes are very simple: <!DOCTYPE html… Continue Reading →

Quick Guide How to Prepare a Web Page

Prepare or making a webpage can be very easy or can be very difficult. It depends on how complicate your web pages are. If you just want to prepare a static web page, this may take only a few minutes… Continue Reading →

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