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jQuery Animate HTML Div Layer in Four Direction

jQuery can animate div layer easily thus allow create interesting web page effect. In this jQuery animate div layer tutorial series, we will animate the div layer in four direction, i.e. down, up, right and left direction. jQuery Animate Div… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animate Margin of Div Layers

In previous jQuery sliding tutorials, we learned how to slide the div layer to create some interesting animation effects. Actually the margin of div layer can also be animated. jQuery Animate Top Margin of Div Layer In this jQuery tutorial,… Continue Reading →

jQuery Sliding Div Layer Tutorial

This is rather easy to animate HTML Div layer with jQuery. The effects are very interesting. jQuery Slide Div Up and Dowm from Bottom Side jQuery Demo A demo of this jQuery tutorial is available. (Pop up window) jQuery Tutorial… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animation and Effect Tutorials

Most animation on the Internet are made with Flash. However this is also very easy to do animation and effect with jQuery. With just a very simple line of code, interesting animation and effect can be achieved with jQuery. Watch… Continue Reading →

jQuery Slide Down Menu to Display Content

Sometimes we don’t want to many contents congest in a web page, or we don’t want to force visitors to see some contents that may not interested to them. A good idea is to let visitors to choose whether to… Continue Reading →

jQuery Fun with Animating Z-index of Div Layer

I discussed how to use jQuery to change the z-index of div layer in previous post. Actually we can do some interesting jQuery animation effect by changing the z-index of div layers. Here’s the final jQuery animation effect: Sometimes we… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animate Z-index of Div Layer

We sometimes need to change or animate the z-index of Div layer with jQuery. The main reason may be to move a Div layer behind other Div layer. Changing the z-index of a Div layer is rather simple. The final… Continue Reading →

jQuery Stop Loop Animation Timer

The jQuery timer that used for loop animation in previous post will be executed infinitely. Sometimes we wish to stop the timer when some set criteria are met. I am still using the bouncing basketball used in previous post as… Continue Reading →

jQuery Loop Animation with Timer Plugin

The jQuery setInterval() discussed before allows to call a function to execute in a set time delay in milli-seconds. In other words, the jQuery setInterval() function allows us to create loop animation much easier. Today, I am going to talk… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animating Div Layer with Fading Effect

I already discussed animated the Div layer and faded effect using jQuery in previous posts. How about combine both fading effect with the animation effect? Let’s try to see what the effects will be. jQuery Sliding Div and Fading Effect… Continue Reading →

jQuery Page Contents Fade In Effect

The web page fade in effect with JavaScript is very popular many years ago. The fade in effect is even much easier to achieve with jQuery. The jQuery fadeIn() method will changes the opacity of selected element from hidden to… Continue Reading →

jQuery Load External Webpage into Div Layer

Some jQuery developers like to load external web pages into Div layers when visitors click on a link or button. The main advantage of loading external web pages may be that it can make the web page clean, simple and… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animate Div Layer Right and Left

In previous jQuery animation post, the curtain picture Div layer moved to the right when visitor click on the button. However if the visitor click on the button again, nothing will happens. Most visitors will wonder if there is a… Continue Reading →

Button Click Animate Div Layer with jQuery

In previous jQuery animation post, the picture (curtain) Div layer will be animating to the right when the web page open. To-day, I am going to make the animation a bit different.  The picture Div layer will only be moving… Continue Reading →

Animate Div Layer with jQuery

Animation with jQuery is easy and fun. Unlike Flash animation or other similar programs, animating with jQuery is usually involves the HTML elements layout on the webpage. It may be animating a Div layer, a button, texts, etc… Today, let’s… Continue Reading →

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