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jQuery Page Tabs Plugin – idTabs

Tabs, Page Tabs or Page Navigation Panel is very useful in webpage design. It can save a lot of space. Moreover users can navigate the contents with different topics easily. In the old days, making a tab is a rather… Continue Reading →

jQuery Coin Slider (Image Slider) Plugin

jQuery Coin Slider or Image Slider is very useful in web page design. It allows the same location to show images with interesting transition effects. Each image will link to a different website therefore this is especially useful for banner… Continue Reading →

jQuery Colorful Accordion Navigation Menu Plugin

There are many free and interesting jQuery navigation menu plugins on the Internet. Today I am going to show one of the navigation menu I like. The name is  jQuery Colorful Accordion Navigation Menu. jQuery Colorful Accordion Navigation Menu jQuery… Continue Reading →

PrettyPhoto All-in-one jQuery Lightbox Plugins

There are many free jQuery Lightbox plugins on the Internet. Each plugin can usually display a lightbox for a specific media, for example, photos, flash, video, youtube, MOV, etc… What if your website or blogs require to display more than… Continue Reading →

jQuery LightBox Plugin

Lightbox is widely using in web page design. In short, Lightbox is simply an overlay image display on top of the current web page. When visitors click on a thumbnail picture on a webpage, the original size or enlarge image… Continue Reading →

jQuery Overlay Effect with FlowPlayer Plugins

jQuery overlay effect allow visitors to view contents from external pages without leaving the main page. This overlay effect is widely using on web pages. There are many jQuery plugins with overlay effect. Find a suitable one to suit your… Continue Reading →

jQuery ToFishes Lock Screen and Element

Another interesting jQuery plugins are locking screen and locking selected elements on HTML page. Today I am going to discuss a simple jQuery plugins that can easily lock screen and selected elements. The name of this jQuery plugins is very… Continue Reading →

jQuery InnerFade Plugins Banners Rotation

There are many useful jQuery plugins available to download free on the Internet.  Almost everything you think of is already available.  Banners rotation is a very common way to display banners on a single location on a web page. When… Continue Reading →

jQuery jqModal Plugin to Display Embed Contents

I use jQuery jqModal to load external web page into a pop up window in my previous post. Actually we can also use jQuery jqModal plugin to load embed contents (i.e. web contents in the same page) into a pop… Continue Reading →

jQuery jqModal Plugin to Display External Webpage

In previous jQuery post, I made a simple slide down menu to display an external web page content. Today I am going to discuss how to make a jquery pop up window to display an external web page content. The… Continue Reading →

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