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使用 Paint3D 免費軟伴件從圖片中摘取及移動主體


所謂主體,可以是圖片上的人物或任何物件,摘取的方法都是一樣的 。 很多人都稱這圖片編輯技巧為「去除背景」,但其實用摘取主體更為貼切。

Paint 3D 這個免費軟件,可以輕易的將圖片中的主體摘取,準確度都很高。

jQuery Lava Lamp Horizontal Menu

The first step of this jQuery Lava Lamp Tutorial is to make a CSS Horizontal Navigation Menu. In this jQuery tutorial, we use DreamWeaver Webpage Editor to compose the Horizontal Menu. Actually any webpage editors or even a notepad can… Continue Reading →


網頁設計可以是非常容易或非常艱深, 主要視乎你網頁的複雜程度。這網頁設計基本課程是為初學網頁設計者而設的, 所以只會介紹簡單的基本概念, 冀望初學者能夠知道如何開始編寫網頁。


你可能己經聽見或看到很多關於網站的成功新聞故事, 你可否想起下一個網站成功故事的主角可能就是你。其實, 萬維網是我們的未來, 可能你應該重新考慮應否設立你的網站, 以下是一些很好的理由….. 增加營業額、推廣更容易、增加產品暴光率、速進資料交流、節省開支及時間、增加服務、創造生意商機…..。

Quick Guide How to Prepare a Web Page

Prepare or making a webpage can be very easy or can be very difficult. It depends on how complicate your web pages are. If you just want to prepare a static web page, this may take only a few minutes… Continue Reading →

Free HTML Webpage Editors

I have been designing and composing web pages since 1996. I used to use a Notepad to compose all my webpages. However, this would be much easier and faster if we use some WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You… Continue Reading →

Web Page Design Hints

Your web site is a vital tool that connects prospects with your business. This tool must always be strong and rigid. If your web site appears or look unprofessional, your visitors will assume that your products and services are the… Continue Reading →

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