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jQuery Handle Current Selected Element with $(this)

In my previous jQuery post about Animate Div Layer to Resume Original HTML Layout, there is only one image on the webpage layout. Therefore the image is surely the right target being selected. However, there will be more than one… Continue Reading →

jQuery Animate Div Layer to Resume Original HTML Layout

I recently doing a very interesting webpage design with jQuery. The basic idea is very simple. Actually we learned it before for many times. Therefore this is very important to know how to apply what we learned to a real… Continue Reading →

PHP Cut Off or Truncate a Long String of Words

Very often, we need to use PHP to cut off or truncate a long string of words or text. A very typical example is that we have many posts in our blog or website. We wish to show the most… Continue Reading →

CSS Background Image Position (2)

I discussed how to use CSS to display icons by adjusting the x and y position in one of my post – Fun with CSS Background Position. In this post, I use the width and height in pixels to adjust… Continue Reading →

刪除 WordPress 回覆作者(Comment Author) 鏈結

當 WordPress 網誌運作了一段時間, 你可能發覺有很多無聊及簡單的回覆, 在不同文章都是用同一的回覆。 其實, 大多數回覆的作者 (Comment Author) 都是為了在回覆欄內放置他們網站的鏈結, 便隨便的回覆就算了。 不過, 這些大量的回覆作者鏈結對網誌的搜索引擎優化是不良的, 會做成網頁大量的 PageRank 外洩 (PR Leak), 令到網頁 PageRank 下降。 根據 Google 最新的資料, 就算是用 noFollow 鏈結也會有PageRank 外洩。 所以, 從網誌搜索引擎優化的角度來看, 刪除 WordPress 回覆作者(Comment Author) 鏈結是有需要的, 但唯一要考慮的, 就是會減低讀者回覆文章的意欲。 先前文章討論了如何刪除 WordPress 回覆欄(Comment)內的日子時間和… Continue Reading →

刪除 WordPress 回覆欄(Comment)內的鏈結

當訪客在 WordPress 文章內留言, 回覆欄(Comment)內會出現兩個鏈結, 一個鏈結是在日子時間, 另一個鏈結則在 Reply。 當製作 Sitemap 後, 你會發現有很多古怪的 URLs, 例如: #comment-80, #comment-92, replytocomm=83#respond, replytocomm=92#respond 等等的 URLs。 這些鏈結對搜索引擎優化並不是好的設計, 所以有必要刪除。 要刪除 WordPress 回覆欄(Comment)內的鏈結十分簡單, 網上差不多所有答案都是教人用 CSS 隱藏 (hidden)。 可是, 用 CSS 隱藏只是人類的眼睛看不到, 對搜索引擎是沒有作用的。 最佳方法是真正的刪除, 並不是用 CSS 隱藏。今天就看看如何刪除 WordPress 回覆欄(Comment)內的兩個鏈結。 刪除… Continue Reading →

WordPress 分頁 Archives 擴充套件 – Simple Yearly Archive

上一篇 WordPress 文章提出, WordPress 在Sidebar 預定的 Archives Widgets 會製造了太多鏈結, 而且文章鏈結需要按年、月和日的多個點擊次數才可以給搜索引擎發現, 這都會給搜索引擎分析為不重要的鏈結。要解決這 Archives 搜索引擎優化問題, 可以在多個 WordPress 分頁(Pages) 有系統地將所有文章歸納。今天要介紹一個十分容易使用的擴充套件 (Plugins), 可以很方便的在 WordPress Pages 中建立 Archives, 擴充套件名稱是 Simple Yearly Archive。 擴充套件: Simple Yearly Archive最新版本: Version 1.3.3作者:Oliver Schlöbe 1. 第一步當然是安裝 Simple Yearly Archive 擴充套件。 2. 安裝擴充套件完畢後, 可按個人需要作出一些基本設定。 3. 安裝完畢後, 建立一個新的 WordPress 分頁。 4. Simple… Continue Reading →

在 WordPress 分頁(Pages) 中建立文章 Archives

當 WordPress 網誌運作了一段很長的時間, 文章自然多了, 所以 WordPress 必須要有一個完善的方案來歸納和處理所有文章, 以方便讀者可以閱讀作家以往的文章。WordPress 預定的設計是在 Sidebar 建立 Archives 的 Widgets, 文章會自動按日子來歸納, 所以讀者可以很方便的按年、月和日的次序來閱讀, 如下圖所示: 首先選擇年度 接著選擇月份 最後選擇某月份內的文章閱讀 WordPress 有很多不同功能的文章 Archives  Widgets, 但設計都是差不多的, 都是在 Sidebar 內將所有文章歸納起來。 WordPress 的 Archives  Widgets 的確方便讀者有系統的閱讀所有文章, 但是, 如果從搜索引擎優化的角度來看, 這並不是一個好的設計, 因為這會令到單頁上製造了太多鏈結, 很多時候, 搜索引擎只會對每頁最頂的鏈結(例如, 首50個鏈結)分析為最重要的, 所以大部份的鏈結很多時間都沒有給搜索引擎 indexed。再者,… Continue Reading →

Websites With Useful PHP Scripts

The followings websites have good and useful PHP scripts that may be useful in web design. PHP Login Script This tutorial shows how to : create a simple login system using PHP code on our pages, and a MySQL database… Continue Reading →

HTML Submit Form with Your Own Images

I know this is very simple and easy to make a HTML Submit Form. However I noticed that this question has always been asking in many discussion forums that “I don’t want to use the default submit button. How can… Continue Reading →

PayPal Buy Button Return URL Vs Website Auto Return Setting

Some webmasters are always quite confused with the Return URL setting with the PayPal buy button and the Auto Return setting in the Website Payment Preferences. Let’s see how they works . Create a PayPal Buy Button with Return URL… Continue Reading →

PayPal Buy Button with Auto Return URL and Using item_number Parameter to Pass Variables

In previous PayPal Buy button article, I used the Auto Return URL to pass some variables. Another simple method with the same result can be achieved by using the item_number parameter of PayPal buy button. 1. Go to PayPal account… Continue Reading →

PayPal Buy Button with Return URL Passing Some Variables

PayPal provides many ways to redirect visitors to a designed page (return URL) after the payment. Moreover we would also like to pass some variables with the PayPal buy button back to the return URL to process. This way we… Continue Reading →

Ping Domain Showing Old IP Address

Yesterday a member complaint that he could not used a FTP client to log in his account for a few day. He tried to do a ping to his domain but returned the old IP address that used a few… Continue Reading →

How to Set Up Gmail Accounts for Your Domain

Gmail is probably the best free online email account nowadays, with a lot of email storage space (10 GB), fast loading speed and user friendly interface. Users can access their Gmail accounts from any part of the world. When Google… Continue Reading →

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