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刪除 WordPress 的 Older posts 及 Newer posts 鏈結

WordPress 網誌內的文章真的太多鏈結, 除了先前已經刪除了的”This entry was posted in 及Posted in 鏈結”及”「先前文章」及「後面文章」鏈結”, 發覺在頂部還有Older posts 及 Newer posts 的鏈結, 今天就看看如何刪除在 WordPress 文章這兩個不必要的鏈結。 WordPress 文章內的 Older posts 鏈結 當前往 WordPress 的第一篇文章, 只有 Older posts 鏈結出現。 因為這是最新的文章, 所以只會出現Older posts 鏈結在文章的底部。 WordPress 文章內的 Older posts 及 Newer posts 鏈結 但當前往 WordPress 的其他文章, Older posts 及 Newer posts 鏈會同時結出現在文章的頂部及底部。… Continue Reading →

A Useful Online Web Button Maker (DaButtonFactory)

In the past I used to create web buttons with some photo software. With the faster speed of the Internet connectivity, creating buttons for web pages online is possible, easy and very convenience. Today I am going to show you… Continue Reading →

SEOquake – An All-in-one SEO Extension of Chrome Browser

Yesterday I installed the NoFollow Simple extension of Chrome browser. The extension can show whether the links of webpages are doFollow or noFollow.  As a website administrator, I sometimes need to do some Search Engine Optimization in order that my… Continue Reading →

Showing Dofollow or Nofollow Links in Webpages of Chrome Browser

I sometimes looking for blogs that allow doFollow links in the comments field.Why looking for doFollow links? This is because this can increase the backlinks of my web pages, and thus increase the PR weighting of web pages. This is… Continue Reading →

Made a New Facebook Page Tab App

I made a new Facebook Page Tab App for my another domain and web hosting website last month. This Facebook Page aims to provide one more communication channel for the visitors and our members. Moreover the Facebook Tab also allows… Continue Reading →

Post Message to User Wall from Your Facebook App

Your Facebook app can post message to the user’s wall by using some methods. Let’s see some of the easy methods. Feed Dialog The following simple example shows the most basic codes to display a Feed Dialog within a canvas… Continue Reading →

刪除 WordPress 文章中的「先前文章」及「後面文章」鏈結

在前一篇的文章, 我將 WordPress 中的 “This entry was posted in…..” 及”Posted in…..” 鏈結刪除, 現在看看如何刪除WordPress 的「先前文章」及「後面文章」的鏈結。我將 WordPress 的 Previous Post 譯作「先前文章」, 而 Next Post 就譯作「後面文章」。 WordPress 文章的頂部及底部都有「先前文章」及「後面文章」的鏈結, 如下圖所示: 刪除 WordPress 的「先前文章」及「後面文章」 鏈結也是十分容易, 只要更改使用中的 WordPress 佈景主題內的 loop-single.php 檔案便可以了。 因為 WordPress 文章的頂部及底部都有「先前文章」及「後面文章」的鏈結, 所以要續個部份刪除。 刪除文章頂部的「先前文章」及「後面文章」鏈結… Continue Reading →

刪除 WordPress 的 This entry was posted in 及Posted in 鏈結

WordPress 網誌有很多鏈結, 主要是方便讀者瀏覽網誌內的其他文章。 如果從讀者的角度來看, 這真是十分方便。 但如果從搜索引擎優化的角度來看, 這並不是一個好的設計, 因為這會製造了大量重複的鏈結。今天討論如何刪除在 WordPress 文章內一些不必要的鏈結。 網誌文章底部的鏈結 網誌文章底部的 “This entry was posted in……” 鏈結, 如下圖所示, 其實可以刪除。 要刪除 “This entry was posted in……” 的鏈結是十分容易, 只要更改使用中的 WordPress 佈景主題內的 functions.php 檔案便可以了。 用文字編輯軟件 (text Editor) 開啟 functions.php 檔案, 瀏覽至 489… Continue Reading →

Share Your Facebook Apps by Sending Requests to Friends

Facebook Platform provides some useful Social Channels that allow users to share with their friends with your App easily. One of the Social Channels is Requests. Requests are a great way to enable users to invite their friends to your… Continue Reading →

How Facebook Graph API Access Objects (2)

In previous post,  I got the basic user information of the App user with the this line of codes: $user = $facebook->api(‘/me’); This line of code simply make a call to the Graph API with the api() function of the… Continue Reading →

How Facebook Graph API Access Objects

The Facebook SDK for PHP Development Environment has been set up. We already know the basic file structure of a Facebook App. It’s time to see how to use Facebook Graph API to access information of objects from Facebook servers…. Continue Reading →

How to Remove Like from a Facebook Page

Sometimes we need to test the Like button with Facebook Graph API. What if we want to test the Like button many times? One possible solution is to create many Facebook accounts. However this is really not recommended. Luckily we… Continue Reading →

How to Check ID of Facebook Pages

Some visitors always ask how to check the ID of a new Facebook Page. If your Facebook Page got more than 25 Likes, you can get a easy-to-remember username, for example: http://www.facebook.com/MyGreatNameHosting The MyGreatNameHosting is the username of the above… Continue Reading →

Install Facebook Like Button on Website

As we know the Like button lets a user share your contents with friends on Facebook. Therefore this is a good idea to put a Like button on your website. Putting a Facebook Like button on a website is very… Continue Reading →

Basic File Structure of a Facebook App

The Facebook SDK for PHP Development Environment has been set up in previous post. As mentioned before, the example.php in the example folder is the best file to get started and learned. It’s time to see how to write PHP… Continue Reading →

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