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PayPal Buy Button Return URL Vs Website Auto Return Setting

Some webmasters are always quite confused with the Return URL setting with the PayPal buy button and the Auto Return setting in the Website Payment Preferences. Let’s see how they works . Create a PayPal Buy Button with Return URL… Continue Reading →

PayPal Buy Button with Auto Return URL and Using item_number Parameter to Pass Variables

In previous PayPal Buy button article, I used the Auto Return URL to pass some variables. Another simple method with the same result can be achieved by using the item_number parameter of PayPal buy button. 1. Go to PayPal account… Continue Reading →

PayPal Buy Button with Return URL Passing Some Variables

PayPal provides many ways to redirect visitors to a designed page (return URL) after the payment. Moreover we would also like to pass some variables with the PayPal buy button back to the return URL to process. This way we… Continue Reading →

Where to Get Identity Token on PayPal Account?

I have been using PayPal to accept online payment for many years. I have used both Buy Now button and shopping cart with PayPal payment. I set up a shopping cart on PayPal payment platform many years ago. I have… Continue Reading →

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