How to Check ID of Facebook Pages

Some visitors always ask how to check the ID of a new Facebook Page. If your Facebook Page got more than 25 Likes, you can get a easy-to-remember username, for example:

The MyGreatNameHosting is the username of the above Facebook Page.

As we learned before that this is rather easy to access an object with Facebook Graph API:

The ID in the above URL can be a Page Username or Page ID.

Therefore we can easily get the basic information of a Facebook Page object by using the URL of a Facebook Graph API:

The output is:

Hence the id of a Facebook Page with username is rather easy to obtain. But how about a new Facebook Page without an username?

Take a look at the URL of a new Facebook Page. The URL of a Facebook Page will appear on the status bar by hovering over the link under the Pages menu:

The URL of a Facebook Page can also be got by clicking on the Page link.

The URL of a new Facebook Page is very long and hard to remember, something like below:

Actually the number serial at the end, i.e. 301704796592667, is the id of a new Facebook Page.

The basic information of a the above new Facebook Page can also be obtained in the same way:

The output is:

Therefore the id of Facebook Pages can easily be obtained.

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